High Paying Animal Jobs

Do you love being around animals, but don’t know what kind of jobs are out there? How would you like to do something you love, and find a high paying job that you love going to day after day? The Pet Career School at Petropolis has can give you the training and direction you need for your new job working with animals!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to working with animals. There are many businesses out there providing high paying jobs for those looking to work with pets.  The Pet Career School at Petropolis has been educating students since 1993, and has a proven track record for graduates finding jobs.

Have you ever considered becoming a professional dog trainer?  At our career school, you can learn everything from obedience training to drug detection and service dog training.  Or how about becoming a certified pet groomer?  You can learn how to groom cats and dogs, and obtain an understanding for pet anatomy and physiology and different breeds.

Don’t waste another minute at a dead end job! Find a new career working with animals and love what you do! For more information on the Pet Career School at Petropolis, or to schedule a tour, call us at 636-898-5849 today!